Wednesday, March 7, 2012

One Year Gotcha Day!

Where has this year gone??? We paused a bit today to remember where we were just 12 short months ago. In Shanghai China of course ready to meet our little man, Liam. We didn't know what in the world to expect. I remember thinking and worrying that he would just hate us. After all, 5 1/2 years in an orphanage might lead to all sorts of adjustment problems. We should have known God would take care of all that! Liam was ours from the moment we met him! It's like he just knew that we were his family. There were a few rough moments in the months that followed, but nothing too severe. He has come so far in the past year. He had virtually no language in China; just a few made up signs and gestures that got him by. There were no deep conversations. There was no explanation of his adoption. Now, he's signing up a storm and soon will be hearing (with the new cochlear implants). We have a long way to go with the literacy and language development, but I have no doubt he will get there and be just fine. Today we looked at his three photo albums: one from the orphanage that showed his life before us, one that we sent him with pictures of us and his new home, and the one I made for him at Christmas with all of the pictures from our trip to China to get him. He didn't really understand the significance of the "one year" anniversary, but he grasps the concept of "forever family" for sure!

Love to all!