Saturday, May 7, 2011

We're Still Here!

Hi Friends and Family!

I thought I'd post an update since it's been so long. I've been posting pics and mini updates on Facebook, but it's time for a longer update.

Liam is doing very well! He has completely adjusted to his school and teachers. So much so, he's even being mischievous and getting into a little trouble. Depending on behavior at school, he comes home with a green, yellow, or red mark each day. This week, he finally figured out that green is the place to be! Yellow=no bike or park and a sad Mama face. Green=stickers, outside time, and a happy Mama. On Friday at dismissal time, he ran up to his teacher with the green marker and signed "green"!

At home he is doing even better. He loves to play outside and ride his bike. He hates putting away his laundry. He loves to help set the table, take a bath/shower, and give hugs goodbye on the way to school. He loves to be a backseat driver! He can tell me every turn to take on the way from school to picking up his brothers and sister. If I go a different route, he lets me know about it in no uncertain terms! He is responding well to time outs at home, too. He used to strip naked, spit, hit and kick. Now he just cries a little with an occasional hit to the wall. He also responds to the warning of time out and changes behavior.

He still LOVES routine, but he isn't as dependent on it as he was when he first arrived. Now I can sign to him the errands that we are going to do before picking up brothers and sister, and he doesn't worry about why we're not going that direction. I can also leave him with a sitter after school when I have meetings without any tears.

Liam loves church! He even participates in Bible classes. The family there has been wonderful! Everyone looks out for him and the kids and teens love him! Many people are learning a few signs so they can communicate with him. I may even try to start a Sign Language class on Wednesday nights.

He is really picking up the sign language quickly. I see his signing development happening at three levels: 1. Signs he understands, but doesn't use spontaneously, 2. Signs he can understand and imitate, and 3. Signs he uses spontaneously. He is finally starting to answer questions without just repeating the question, esp. "where". He answered a "which" question the other day. Once he gets that concept down, a whole new world of choices will be opened up to him. I never realized how hard it must be for him to not be able to communicate "which" food or "which" activity he wants to do. I am happy to say we're getting there! He can identify 4 or 5 letters independently. He signs his alphabet every night before bed (using his poster on the wall). He is just beginning to identify the colors (especially green and yellow!) He hasn't really started counting yet. He can sign the days of the week Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday on his own. He can write his name and Mom without much help. He has really good fine motor control. He can also identify several animals.

We are set up to do video chat on our gmail account at home. Liam loves to video chat, so look us up at

Love to all!

Erin Stokes

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  1. Oh! I'm SO glad that he's doing so well and his signing must just be opening up a whole new world. BTW...he is just ADORABLE!!! I love reading your updates!!! God is just so cool in the way He forms families!!!